Resource Design

People learn at different rates. Research has shown they retain information better when coaching and training includes a variety of learning techniques.

Image Group International has the capabilities to design and customise coaching and training resources that incorporate a wide range of coaching and training techniques.

They include:

    • Workbooks and facilitation guides
    • DVD
    • CD-ROM
    • Web-based online learning

IIM’s course design team will design and integrate your coaching and training with all areas of your operation in mind. IIM’s customised, accredited training workbooks and diagnostic tools enable you to learn at your own pace, in your own time, individually, or with a coach or workplace supervisor. Coaching and training resources are relevant, practical and measurable. Our most popular coaching and training resource include:

    • Induction handbooks
    • Coach and participant guides
    • Performance assessment tools
    • Work instructions

OPTIONAL: IIM can also customise, update and accredit your current resources by aligning them with a nationally recognised coaching and training package qualification. This investment will save you time and money and your coaching and training resources will be current, valid and relevant.

Life is too short NOT to maximise your potential…

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