Why Study at the Institute for Image Management?

The Institute for Image Management (IIM) attracts some of the best students in Australasia and beyond. With this privilege comes a responsibility to provide the highest quality learning and training.

Studying at the Institute for Image Management prepares you for a professional and entrepreneurial life.

IIM graduates emerge into the marketplace with strong academic, professional and life skills. A balanced mix of theoretical work, industry experience and personal development means you are not only academically proficient when you graduate, but professionally skilled and worldly – able to make a real contribution to your clients in general.

You’ll be in a great environment for study, social and networking activities.

Studying at IIM you are part of a community – it’s a coaching and training forum that offers a great social and networking life. Some of the frequent feedback we receive is the graduates enjoyed their time here not only because of the quality of the course but also because of the lively, friendly community spirit.

Note: All students of IIM are selected as per strict application criteria followed by a personal interview.

We offer scholarships.

If you are eligible for one of our scholarships you’re guaranteed financial support.

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Our course presenters are outstanding – your learning experience will be of the highest quality.

IIM provides a highly supportive learning environment, dedicated to student-centred learning. When you study at IIM you will work with highly qualified trainers, coaches and facilitators, many of whom have extensive professional profiles and industry experience in their fields of expertise.

You’ll be supported along the way.

IIM offers a range of services to give you the best possible support while you’re studying. We provide integrated courses specifically designed to enrich personal and theoretical skills development. You have access to a wide range of personal development activities alongside academic and practical skills support to help you with your study.

Finance options.

We have numerous financial options available to qualifying students.

“Everyone has expectations for their future… Some are happy to live day to day. Others, like yourself want much more. You think bigger. You want to move faster. You want to go further. You’re determined to achieve something extraordinary!


Allow us to help you achieve something extraordinary!”

Life is too short NOT to maximise your potential…

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